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Have you ever dreamed of attending a culinary school? Want to learn at a cooking school with top notch, international chefs trained in French Cuisine and Baking and Pastry, and over ten years of executive experience? Consider Culinary Institute LeNotre in your journey within the culinary arts!

Culinary Institute LeNotre awards
Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Diplomas in the culinary arts to the greater Houston area of Texas.  With a veteran team of world-class chef instructors and
expert faculty, students get more than a cooking school; they prepare for an exciting career in the culinary and hospitality industry. 

Choose between degree or diploma programs in culinary arts of French and international cuisine, baking and pastry arts, and hospitality and restaurant management.  Lovers of wine can also take Sommelier courses to become a Sommelier.

The Culinary Institute LeNotre is one of the largest cooking and pastry chef schools in Houston, Texas—a culinary arts college with a rich tradition, cutting-edge quality, and international respect. Full scholarships in addition to financial aid aravailable to those who qualify.  

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